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With the growing awareness of the climate crisis, we are more conscious of our consumption habits, especially when it comes to plastic waste. The best way to tackle this issue is to replace some of our daily items with reusable products. We have listed 10 eco-friendly water bottles that will help you curb your plastic usage and reduce your carbon footprint. These reusable bottles are made from high-quality materials and come in different sizes and styles, so you can choose one that suits your needs best.

1. Sahara Sailor Water Bottle

Water is essential for our survival, but it’s also important to drink enough water throughout the day. This can be quite challenging, especially if you are always on the go, and like most people, you can’t remember to drink enough water.

The Sahara Sailor clear water bottle is designed to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. It comes with a time reminder so that you don’t forget to drink enough water during your busy day. The water bottle holds 32oz / 1 Liter of liquid and is light to carry around.

Environmentally-friendly: The Sahara Sailor’s reusable sport bottle is made from Tritan material to ensure your safe and pleasant drinking experience. Tritan is high quality co polyester plastic and BPA free; therefore, this sport water bottle does not generate odors, chemicals, or unpleasant taste. It’s safe for both kids & adults.

If you’re looking for a reusable water bottle that is 100% leakproof and easy to carry, then this is the best option for you. It comes with a flip-up lid that makes it easy to open and close. The lid also has an adaptable mechanism so that it can be closed with one hand and one press.

This bottle is a game changer. Not only will it keep your water cool or warm (up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit) but it also comes with Fast-Flow Technology, which means you get your drink faster than ever before!

The air hole featured on the lid makes the water flow very well and ensures you get more water quicker. So go ahead and take your time—you deserve it.

2. 720°DGREE Water Bottle “uberBottle” +Fruit Infuser

Finally, you’re hydrated and feeling better. You’ll always want to keep your special 720° Degree bottle by your side. The innovative anti-glug drinking opening reduces spills and helps quench your thirst super fast. Add a special kick to your drinks—thanks to the EXTRA FRUIT-INFUSER and wide mouth opening, add either delicious fruits or refreshing ice cubes to your favorite beverages.

Made of feather light yet durable Tritan copolyester —of course free of BPA, BPS & phthalates—the special velvety coating provides an extraordinary sensation upon touch. Dead easy to use on the go—with just one hand thanks to the 1-CLICK drinking cap. A functional yet elegant strap allows you carry your bottle with you at all times. Say NO to dirt or dust entering into your bottle—the improved spring system 2.0 ensures that the closure cap still opens smoothly after the 1000th time just as it did on the first day.

Imagine your day-to-day life with no disposable water bottles and the extra space in your bag. It sounds great, right? Now you can live this way with uberBottle’s reusable “uber” bottle. Not only are you reducing waste production by using reusable bottles in place of disposable ones, but you will also save money. And did we mention that the reusable “uber” bottle can be recycled?

3. Sigg – Aluminum Water Bottle – Traveller – Swiss Design

Sigg has been designing their aluminum water bottles based on human-centered design for more than 50 years Their dedication to design is not only seen in their products but also in the meticulous detail of their website and marketing materials, which makes you wonder if they are putting more effort into packaging than the product itself.

Sigg’s water bottles are designed with an ergonomic handle that fits your finger perfectly, allowing you to carry it around with one hand easily. A flip-top spout on the Sigg water bottle is easy to open and offers a wide opening to fill up the bottle with your favorite beverage. An airlock helps keep the carbon dioxide inside your drink without letting any air seep through. The cap is made from durable polypropylene and contains a stainless steel mechanism that allows you to use one finger to open or close the mouthpiece.

The single piece of aluminum used to make this water bottle is produced in Switzerland and shipped off to be formed in Italy before being painted by hand in Switzerland again. When it comes to making a quality product that will last for many years, this multistage process is just what it takes! Weighing only 0.11 kg, the Sigg travel water bottle is very lightweight.

The material used to design SIGG water bottles are free of harmful pollutants. Enjoy every sip out of this BPA free water bottle making sure it has a neutral smell and taste.

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